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Turn Dreams Into Realities.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

It all started with a dollar and a dream, lol. Some thoughts fly straight into your mind like a shooting star. You have to make your wish come to life. It was laughter in the first sentence because Just Us Productions literally started on a average evening. You know it was one of the those days when you finally make it home from the 9-5 and relax on the couch with your feet up chilling. Some music was in the background playing and food was almost done being prepared. The words "We should start and entertainment company. Where we will have a live DJ, bartenders and a photobooth" was spoken and was if the world muted itself as we both processed what was said in the living room. In a complete instance we both said "Yes. Let's do it !" and the dream was given life. We went on to birth a vision into reality. Life will change in a split second when you trust God, walk by faith and allow the universe to guide your journey.

October 2019 was when our lives changed. Permanently!!

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